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Monuments are everlasting. Custom Design Monuments understands the importance of preserving the legacy of your loved one. Monuments tell who we are and where we come from, so finding the right one is exceptionally important. It provides comfort to family members when they visit the cemetery site. We offer a wide selection of monuments in various styles, colors, domestic, import, as well as other products to commemorate and preserve the precious memories you shared with your loved one. 

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Whether you need a memorial, urn, vases, cleaning, at time of need on site date of pass sandblasted, repair or replace we are experts in the industry. We are always here to help! We offer both domestic granite and import granite! A question that you should ask any monument dealer when placing your order is where your granite is coming from. Domestic may be a bit more pricey but the quality is amazing.

Honesty is our TOP priority, we are a local family business who believes in taking pride in our work. If you are not happy, we are not happy and we will do anything and everything to make it right. We have thousands of designs, and clip art for you to browse either in house or on our site so that we can make your memorial personal to you.

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Upright Monuments »

Upright Monuments  

Upright memorials are crafted from granite and stand straight up and down on a base. Typically, it will have a polished face or can be steeled, which is a smooth, but natural finish. The top and sides can be either be rock pitch (natural rock look) or polished. The top of the memorial can have either a flat, serpentine, or oval top. The possibilities with an upright memorial like this are endless. We offer many different granite colors and shapes and can custom order…

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Slants »

slant Monuments  

This type of memorial is crafted from granite and stands up off of the ground, either directly on the foundation or on a base. It earns its name from having a “slanted” look from the bottom of the stone to the top of the stone. You can order this type of memorial with or without a base. As with an upright memorial, this too can have flat, serpentine, or oval top. The top can come in either a polished or rock pitch (natural rock look) finish. 

Prices start at…

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Flush or Bevel Markers »


Flush markers are flat with the ground and rectangular in shape.

Bevel markers sit on top of the ground and are higher in the back than the front. 

Available in single (one person) or Companion (two people) size depending on whether or not your lot is a single lot or double lot.

Both options have possibilities of either having a polished (smooth) face or steeled (smooth natural) finish.

Prices start around $1450.00


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Infant Markers »

Infant Memorials  

Our sales counselors are here to help you through the process of choosing a memorial during this unthinkable time.  Our goal is to help you create a monument that will honor your child in a beautiful and respectful way.

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Specialty Shapes »

Specialty Shapes  

These are specialty shape monuments that have a different cut on the granite. Below are some examples we offer; we have an entire catalog with special shape designs. 

Prices vary depending on color and shape. 

For more information, please feel free to call or email us we are happy to give you a quote and assist you in finding a memorial to suit your cemetery site.

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Memory Markers »

Memory Markers

This type of memorial is flush or flat with the ground and is rectangular in shape. Memory markers have a polished face (smooth) finish.

These markers are 12x8x2 and can be used as a temporary marker on the grave site until your monument is completed.

They weigh 25 lbs. therefore you can easily move to your yard, garden or home once your final memorial is placed. Memory markers also serve as an affordable option in marking the cemetery site of a dearly departed family…

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Cremation Urns »

Cremation Urns

Available in a variety of sizes including individual urns, companion urns, and memory urns.

Contact us today for more information about cremation urns or for a quote.

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Vases, Eternal Lights, Photos »

Vases & Eternal Lights

Vases are available in granite and polymer, making a stunning addition to hold memorial floral arrangements. No need to plant flowers in front of the memorial. Hero Medallions can also be applied to the Medallion option.

Eternal Lights are available in Red, Blue, or Amber. They have a stake in the bottom and come with one candle. You can purchase these in store or from our gift shop.

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Benches »


This type of memorial is a bench monument that comes in many styles and colors and has a polished finish. You can get a pedestal, straight leg, park, or like the one pictured on the left. Prices vary by style. Please call us for a custom quote.

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Bronze Markers »

Bronze Markers  

Bronze markers are made of quality bronze material and are available with a vase or without a vase. This type of marker lays ground level and traditionally a granite backer is put behind them. We have a large selection of designs to choose from. If there is something you don’t see on our site please call and ask.


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Pet Markers »

Pet Markers

Pet markers are flush or flat with the ground and is rectangular in shape. They have a polished (smooth) face finish.

Made of granite and approximately 12x8x2 in size, they weigh around 25 lbs.

We are able to ship these directly to you, or you may pick them up at our West Kittanning location.

We recognize that losing a pet can be heart wrenching. We encourage our customers to honor their pet's memory by placing these affordable markers in your yard, garden, or even living room.


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Hero Medallions »


Hero medallions add a personalized touch to memorials to further honor our loved one. These brass Medallions can be mounted onto a monument or they can be given as tributes or expressions of appreciation to those being honored. Hero medallions can be customized to feature military service, fire fighter service, police service, religious symbols, and more. Contact us today for a quote or more information.

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