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When it comes to planning for your future, prearranging your final arrangements is one of the most considerate and practical plans you can make. Not only do you relieve your family of emotional and financial stress during their time of grief; you are able to make choices with which you are comfortable. In addition, you are able to choose from a larger variety of available options and locations without the pressure of time constraints.
 There are, however, many important factors to consider when deciding to preplan. At Custom Design Monuments, Inc. our memorial counselors will be happy and able to answer all your questions directly and clearly. 

Things To Consider

Take a moment to explore questions to consider when purchasing a memorial.

Why should I preplan a memorialization?

You probably have already taken steps to prepare for a death in the family by making a will and taking out a life insurance policy. Preplanning your memorialization is simply the next step to completing your plans. By preplanning, you are making the wise decision to ensure that all of the emotional and financial details are in order for your burial. You relieve your family of a difficult decision in their time of grief and save a substantial amount of money by taking advantage of today’s prices.

What does preplanning involve?

Preplanning allows you to arrange and pay for burial needs in advance, providing you with the opportunity to make the choices that are right for you. You make the important decision regarding traditional burial, above ground entombment or cremation. You choose the location. And you can control the cost, spending as much or as little as you deem necessary.

Will preplanning really make it easier on my family?

Definitely! Your family will not be faced with the uncertainty of whether or not they are carrying out your wishes. Preplanning also helps avoid “emotional overspending,” an expensive situation many families face when they need to make immediate decisions at a highly stressful time.

Why is it important to have a memorial in a cemetery?

A memorial serves as a tribute, honoring past generations, acknowledging history and remembering one’s life and passing. We believe that it’s vital to provide a permanent tribute so that future generations may remember our ancestors who have passed on and reflect upon our history.

I’m planning on cremation. Do I still need a burial plan?

Cremation is a popular choice for its simplicity, dignity and affordability. Yet there are still many decisions. Cremated remains may be placed in a traditional burial plot or above ground in a mausoleum niche. Isn’t a memorial something my family is supposed to take care of? Should it really be up to me to decide? A memorial is a personal reflection of one’s life. Preplanning gives you and your family the time to think about and discuss the memorialization that will be most meaningful, to ensure that their legacy will live on and provide peace to family members who visit the site.

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