Wholesale Services

Are you a funeral home and would like to offer the ability to sell cemetery memorials, but don't want the hassle of dealing with ordering, shipping, and finding suppliers? We can help get you started. We serve many funeral homes and wholesale dealers in Western Pennsylvania. We have a full manufacturing facility that employs 4 full time guys. Sandblasting and shape carving is done in our West Kittanning facility. This allows for us to have a great turnover time. We have trucks delivering to us at the minimum of 2x per week. We also take care of the installations and ordering the foundations. We have thousands of designs available to you, as well as sales and marketing tools.

Retail Services

We have a beautiful inside showroom for you to browse our products. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors available. Please feel free to come and browse without pressure to buy. Purchasing a memorial is quite the investment, it is always best to do your research before committing. With proper care and counsel, we can help you find the perfect memorial to represent your loved one's legacy. We stand by all of our products and workmanship. Our record reflects 40 years of being in business serving Western Pennsylvania.

Urns/Cremation Products

We not only sell, but also have an assortment of many cremation products on display. We carry cremation memorials, benches, niches, urns, necklaces, earrings, fingerprints, snow globes, and more.

Repairs and Cleaning

We repair foundations and/or toppled over memorials. Whether you purchased the memorial through us or another dealer, we will gladly give you a quote to get the memorial installed and fixed to your liking. We ask you provide us with good quality photos in order to properly quote, our crew will then go and inspect the site.

Sandblasting Date of Death

This day and age more and more families are chose to buy their memorial, so it takes the burden off of their loved ones when they decease. At this point the memorial will already be installed at their cemetery site. You can either call us or stop in and we can take your order to have the date inscribed on the memorial. We will match the font that is already inscribed on the memorial. This is done on site so the memorial can stay in place.

Installation of Bronze Scrolls and Plaques

We install the final date of death tabs on existing bronze memorials. We order the tab have it delivered to us and go install it when it comes in. We also can provide quotes on Bronze Plaques.

Customizing Monuments 

Explore the ways we help our customers personalize their monuments with granite colors and more to create unique and meaningful finish. 

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Panel Styles, Epitaphs & More »

Customizing Your Monuments

Choose a monument that reflects the life of your loved one and have it customized to suit your unique requests. There are so many ways our customers can have their loved one's monuments personalized through unique designs, font choices, panel styles and so much more. See a few of the custom options we offer below.

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Granite Colors »

Granite Colors

Explore the countless colors options available at Custom Design Monuments, Inc.

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Cemetery Lettering »

Cemetery Lettering  

How is cemetery lettering done/what's the process?

A customer will contact us letting us know they need new lettering added to their headstone. Once we have the new lettering details, we will visit the stone to take measurements and get a "rubbing" of the existing lettering. A rubbing helps ensure that the new lettering we are adding will match the format, font, size, and spacing of the existing lettering. Each line of text, each word, is scrutinized and measured so the new…

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